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Why is Bella and Duke a subscription based company?

In 2018, with subscription based services becoming more and more common place, for a fee you can have anything routinely delivered to your door. From boxes of vinyl records to novelty date night sets for two, almost everything is available but at Bella and Duke there is more reasoning behind us operating as a subscription based company than trying to be novel or hip!

In fact we believe that working this way, is the only way for us to operate and that offering a subscription service has far more benefits than may be apparent at first.

Firstly, in order for our dogs to reap the complete benefits of a raw food diet, it is imperative that feeding is consistent and does not end up being mixed with any doggy junk food! Operating as a subscription service means that you are in control of planning your orders and can create a schedule that works best for you. This way there will be no need to rush down to the shop in a desperate hunt for the next best thing and no excuse for cheat days! Instead orders can become part of your monthly routine, arriving exactly when you like and leaving you with one less thing to worry about!

small dog happy with subscription foodJust as you love to be flexible with your orders, we love to be flexible with our business and being able to make necessary changes at the drop of a hat is imperative in allowing us to provide the excellent customer service that we constantly strive to deliver. Operating as a subscription based company allows us to make any changes that you may request, plan ahead more thoroughly and add a personal touch to each order, right up until the moment of being posted! Something which would be extremely difficult to do if we worked any other way!

In conclusion, we think it’s clear that all parties involved benefit the most from a subscription service. Working this way allows you, your dogs and us, the freedom and control that you need (and that you expect!), while also granting us the power to bring you the very best service possible! Subscribing to Bella and Duke ensures that your dog’s receives the best food available, on a regimented basis (that you control!), while allowing us the freedom to make any changes you require at a moment’s notice and all in all deliver the absolute best service possible!

I think that’s what you call a win-win!

– Oliver Meades

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